Interzoft is an enterprise software developer registered and based in the State of Washington USA. We specialize in providing tailor made operating systems for clients looking for secure and interactive networks to input, track and process transactions. Our clients include Money Transfer Companies in the US, The Gambia , and The Gambia Postal Service. Our attention to detail and the built in design flexibility of our products offers great advantage to our clients. Features such as customer notification, transaction verification, auditing , remote access and consistent system wide monitoring among others help our clients excel at the services they provide. At interzoft , we measure success by the value and efficiency we add to the operations of each client. That is why we only offer our services after we assess the operation of a perspective client and demonstrate how our partnership would add value.


What do we provide?

Interzoft designs, and maintains custom built application software to meet the specifications of clients looking for efficient and secure ways to input, track, and process data on a networked and interactive environment. We offer clients state of the art operation platforms that are flexible, reliable and interactive enabling them to constantly adapt to their changing needs and market conditions. Our Flagship MTS application software provides money transfer companies an operating system that is safe, secure and efficient with optimum verification and auditing features that comply with the laws and regulations set by the US government.

Flexible Design

Interzoft integrates flexible design concepts into its product development to enable clients to continuously adapt

Customer Service

Interzoft offers courteous around the clock customer service. Since each client is unique in the service provide to them , we offer personalized care by emphasizing attention to detail and product knowledge.


Interzoft offers free training to clients in the use and maintenance of its products. The user friendly interfaces and interactive features of our products allows for fast and effective training.


All our products and services are designed with the security and data integrity of our clients and the people they serve as the highest priority.

What do we provide?

Pre design Assessment

each perspective Interzoft client is offered a free pre design assessment of their operations to determine where and how our services would add value to their core mission. Our aim is help clients identify and quantify need in what we offer prior to committing to our services.

Pilot and Field Testing

Following the initial operations assessment, each perspective client is offered an opportunity to try the product and services under consideration on a pilot basis for efficacy in the environment they envision using it. This performance test gives both parties opportunities to fine tune one or more aspects of the product if the need arises.

Flexible Design

Interzoft integrates flexible design concepts into its product development to enable clients to continuously adapt their applications as their needs evolve without going through the expense and time consumption of a total redesign of their operating systems. We can add, subtract or adjust functions or modules to suit the client’s needs as they evolve.


All our products and services are designed with the security and data integrity of our clients and the people they serve as the highest priority. That is why use state of the art encryption technology and high tech servers to house data. Our products themselves have in built security and auditing systems that tracks every transaction in real time with unique markers that ensures constant monitoring and accountability .


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    Leigh Direct LLC

    Senior Director
    The MTS system we acquired from Interzoft Solutions has enabled us to provide fast, safe and secure money transfer solutions to our customers for the last … years. The software is state of the art and the customer service is excellent
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    Yonna Bureau Forex

    Senior Scientist
    As a money transfer company with locations throughout The Gambia , the custom built application software we acquired from Interzoft integrating and running our entire network of locations has been invaluable . It has enabled us to serve our customers and business partners effectively especially with their great customer service and fail safe security features



MTS Application

Our MTS application offers money transfer companies a state of the art application the is safe, secure and compliant with the very high standard set by the US government for the industry.

Custom Built Payment

We also offer custom built payment system applications for entities that handle routine payment translations like bills for utilities, taxes, fees, levies etc.

Build Custom Made Databases

Interzoft can also design and build custom made data bases and applications for governments and NGOs interested in collecting, analyzing and tracking data on sectors like health, agriculture , education , the environment to measure outcomes and other policy benchmarks over time.


Interzoft LLC is an enterprise software development company registered and based in the State of Washington USA. We specialize in designing, building and maintaining custom made application platforms for clients that require  network systems to input, track and process data in an efficient and interactive environment. Our built in auditing, verification and security tools allows managers to instantly  monitor every functional aspect of the application. At the heart of our products are the customer specific flexibility features that enables clients to define the levels and scope of employee interaction to parts or all of the application thus giving management the option of creating layered access systems to protect vital institutional information  and also catch unauthorized activities the instant they occur. We design our applications to enable authorized access from any location where an internet enabled device is functional whether in an office or in a remote field .We can also accommodate additional modules to the original application if a clients’ needs and specifications evolve over time. This saves both the time and expense of acquiring an entirely new software package while maintaining continuity.
Our current client list include money transfer companies in the US and the Gambia, A financial institution and the Gambia Postal Service for all of whom we provide fail safe application platforms to allow them to seamlessly and efficiently run their operations. Our Clients value the state of the art encryption and security attributes of our product coupled with the unparalleled customer service we provide. Our mission is to help maximize efficiency by providing tools to input ,track and process  transactions and we measure success one client at a time. We take the time to study the operations of your organization,  design an application for you,  field test it  prior to formally entering into an agreement ensuring that you will only be a client after you verify the value we add to your operations. From Government agencies ,commercial enterprises,  to NGOs . any entity whose operations involve collecting, tracking and processing data for transactions. Statistics or other functions can use our services. We look forward to a lasting and valuable partnership.


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